Flagey square canopy: a chronicle of public space renewal.

Auvent arrêts de tram de la place Flagey

An illustration of successes brought by the Public Zone Managers: The Flagey Square canopy now benefits from coordinated maintenance.

The tram stop canopy at Flagey Square has been part of Brussels' landscape since 2008. Its steel structure supports a glass covering that shields the tracks and platforms over nearly 900 m², resembling the silhouette of the trees lining the nearby ponds.

Over time, the structure has suffered damages, and maintaining this artwork is particularly complex. The Manager Public Zone project initiated in 2021 by the Brussels Cleanliness Agency has contributed to clarifying responsibilities and improving coordination among various stakeholders responsible for Flagey Square's cleanliness.

... and it's a significant benefit for the square's canopy! Among the actions taken since the fall of 2023, notable mentions include the appointment by Brussels Mobility of a manager responsible for the canopy's maintenance; repairs to the structure, replacement of windows, and cleaning; the installation of new bus shelters by STIB... Finally, artist Philippe Schlere's artwork 'Underwater Walks' now adds color to the glass surface.

The next collective challenge: cleaning the pillars of the structure that are currently tagged and covered with stickers!


The clean.brussels strategy envisions institutionalizing an operator to allow more cross-functionality and better coordination of actors working in a defined area. This new governance method favors the emergence of co-constructed solutions based on on-the-ground issues. The pilot project MPZ (Manager Public Zones), initiated by the Brussels Cleanliness Agency since 2021, aims to improve cleanliness in 4 areas (Flagey, Mont des Arts, Liedts District, and Gare du Midi) through better coordination of actors and monitoring of action implementation. The MPZ mission includes on-site diagnosis, clarification of responsibilities, organization of working groups, drafting of an action plan, and the implementation of concrete actions on the ground.