Forward with the Neighborhood: selected projects in 2023 and Call for Projects 2024

Compost collectif pour Inspirons le quartier

Forward with the Neighborhood supports citizen initiatives that aim to contribute to climate transition in Brussels. The projects span a diverse range, from reuse to waste reduction, neighborhood composting, communal gardens, recipe books, greening neighborhoods, mobility, and public cleanliness. These endeavors are supported by Leefmilieu Brussel, in collaboration with Net Brussel and Brussel Mobiliteit. Since 2016, 489 projects have been supported.

Results of the 2023 Jury

This summer, the jury selected 29 projects. From shared equipment, neighborhood composting, collective gardens, and recipe books to street greening - the proposed projects were diverse and inspiring!

Some Examples of Selected Projects

  • Cycl-o-Pouce de l'Amitié (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre): a space for meeting and sharing knowledge and skills, with a "bike taxi" for the elderly and a bicycle repair workshop.
  • Le Jardin des Magnolias (Schaerbeek): the project focuses on making a communal garden more biodiversity-friendly and resilient to climate change.
  • ELSA VEGGIE (Anderlecht): weekly cooking workshops for children aimed at reducing food waste by using surplus vegetables.
  • Collective Compost Project Parc Brugmann (Uccle): a neighborhood compost to turn waste into fertile soil.
  • Heyvaert au Naturel (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean): A project to raise awareness among residents about the cleanliness of the area, featuring a music clip and video.
  • Aumale Project (Anderlecht): the Aumale collective, consisting of 8 individuals, is building a community around a plot in the neighborhood. Their aim: break down barriers between cultural communities in the area by organizing seasonal activities. Addressing waste issues, they engage residents with clean-up events, artistic creations, and even a theater performance.

Join Forward with the Neighborhood

If you also want to make your neighborhood more sustainable, participate in Forward with the Neighborhood! Leefmilieu Brussel supports projects up to 15,000 euros. The call for projects runs throughout the year, and residents can contact the team at any time to propose their projects and receive help from coaches. Completed applications for the next jury are expected by March 10, 2024. Learn more on the Forward with the Neighborhood website


The Inspirons le Quartier action is reinforced by measure 45 of the plan: "In the neighbourhood citizen dynamics, the theme of "urban cleanliness" is discussed and the Brussels Environment "Inspirons le Quartier" call for projects retains a cleanliness focus".