More step towards a cleaner Brussels with two new regional Recypark!

Recypark Anderlecht - Work in progress

From next spring, the Brussels-Capital Region will strengthen its commitment to recycling and reuse with the addition of two new regional Recypark. Located respectively near the Buda bridge on the border with Vilvoorde and along the canal, at Quai Demets in Anderlecht, these new-generation Recypark are designed to be both innovative and marked by the circular economy.

Anderlecht: an ambitious project in the heart of the Region.

In Anderlecht, the Regional Agency Bruxelles-Propreté has taken charge of a 5000 square meter plot, offered by the regional land agency. An ambitious project has emerged, placing recycling and reuse at the center of its approach. The wooden structure of a former equestrian manege, recovered in Liège, will become the framework of the new Recypark hall, a first in Belgium according to Alexis Choteau, project manager of the Agency. Brussels Minister of Environment and Public Cleanliness emphasizes the importance of this innovative approach: "This is the first Recypark designed from the start with a reuse zone. There will be various items brought here that don't necessarily have to go for recycling but could be reused after repair or sometimes even directly."

Avoiding queues with clever design.

Aware of the problems related to the queues often present at Recypark, the Regional Agency Bruxelles-Propreté has developed a plan to optimize traffic flow. The 5000 square meter site includes an integrated queue of 120 to 150 meters, allowing for smoother traffic. "Improved platforms, with multiple lanes, including a refusal lane, which will help streamline traffic in and around the Recypark," explains Alexis Choteau.

Environmental innovation and common spaces.

In addition to its commitment to recycling, the Anderlecht site will have exemplary facilities environmentally. The roof of the hall will host 216 solar panels, and rainwater will be collected and reused or discharged into the canal after purification. The project also includes a green space and a skatepark, each covering an area of 500 square meters. The total budget for the project amounts to several million euros, half of which comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), reflecting the European Union's commitment to ecological and sustainable initiatives.

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These initiatives are part of measure 11 of the regional urban cleanliness strategy: Providing ten regional recycling centres for the inhabitants of the Brussels region.