Waste management at school: Operation Let’s recycle!

Waste sorting in a school

Dreaming of a clean school? A pleasant place to learn and work while taking care of the environment? And what about the new sorting rules in Brussels? Operation Let’s recycle!, Together towards less waste at school, is the motto of the new program in the Brussels-Capital Region, piloted by Brussels-Environment!

The operation Let’s recycle! has three goals: reduction, recycling, cleanliness. A Waste Advisor is available to guide schools in reducing waste, optimizing sorting, and maintaining cleanliness at your school, as well as integrating this theme into your lessons. A kit of practical and educational sheets will be available from December and will expand over the weeks; a call for applications is launching for elementary schools.

Apply for a long-term project for elementary schools

Do you want to become a case study in waste reduction? See your pupils become champions of sorting, and your teachers become ambassadors for the cleanest school in Brussels?

Join your elementary school in the Operation Let’s recycle! program and take on the challenge with 80 other Brussels schools. The selected schools will benefit from guidance over 3 years, as well as free material to carry out their project successfully. Goal: 75% reduction in quantities, 100% sorted waste.

Submit your application by completing the online form " Operation Let’s recycle!" no later than 29/02 at midnight. For further information, contact recycleschool@environnement.brussels.

Why Reduce Waste at Your School?

  • A pleasant learning and working environment: Waste reduction promotes a clean and pleasant environment where students and teachers can thrive every day. The atmosphere and well-being at school improve, in line with the steering plan, benefiting parents and the neighborhood.
  • Compliant and economically efficient waste management: Adhering to Brussels regulations is essential. By reducing your waste and improving their sorting, you optimize the use of the school's resources, which is beneficial for both the planet and the school budget.
  • A vector for education and awareness: Students are the citizens of tomorrow. By addressing responsible consumption in the classroom, as included in the new reference frameworks, and taking concrete actions such as waste collection, you contribute together to creating a sustainable and exemplary school, both internally and externally.
  • A concrete action for the environment: Reducing waste and sorting it correctly is one of the most concrete actions you can take to contribute to the preservation of the planet and the beautification of the city.
  • A collective project: Everyone can contribute to improving waste management at school, whether technical, educational, coordinating staff, or students. With appropriate measures, you will quickly achieve visible results and strengthen the sense of cohesion at school.

Submit your application by completing the online form "Operation Let’s recycle!" no later than 29/02 at midnight.

For further information, contact recycleschool@environnement.brussels 


This operation, supported by Bruxelles Environnement, is part of measure 46 of the clean.brussels urban cleanliness strategy: "Reducing, sorting and reusing waste and keeping the city clean are all part of the learning process in primary and secondary schools".